Friday, January 6, 2012

1 YEAR!!! WHAT??

I can't even believe that a year ago on Sunday is our ONE year anniversary. The big ol' year mark!! It has been the best year of my life and I am soo soo so blessed to be married to my Prince Charming, the man of my dreams, my everthing, the love of my life... you get the picture :). AAAAND guess what my prince charming is doing for me this weekend?? Taking me to the Grand America (where we spent our wedding night) on our anniversary. Isn't he the best? I am beyond excited! The Grand is magical, I love him!! So in my enormous blog post a couple months ago I updated everyone on our year so instead of writing that all over again, I am going to make a list of 5 highlights this year... and believe me this is going to be SOOOO hard to pick 5 things of my list of over 150 perfect days. Here goes...
1. Our wedding week (that's a given :) It started off with new years kisses to kick start 2011, moving up to Logan in our new apartment, going to court to fight my speeding ticket (believe it or not, it was a very hilarious-memorable moment haha), getting my endowments out (the BEST!), and ended with my fairytale wedding. I could NOT have asked for a more perfect day with a more perfect husband!!! I am so lucky for all of my family and friends who helped make that day possible and absolutely stress FREE for a very prone-to-stress bride. It was pure joy!
2. Moving to Provo from Logan, soooo AJ and I underestimated, slightly, how much we had in our Apartment. Therefore.. we had to take at least six trips from Logan to Provo to move all of our stuff... including our awesome family who also used their cars to help us. So AJ and I had already taken load after load after load down and we were on our last trip we just had one car and one trailor full more to take home. So after we had packed and cleaned all day, we went to finally leave really late that night and we both stopped right by the car and looked up at the temple (we had the most PERFECT view of the Logan temple, right outside our house) it is almost impossible to explain a feeling, but after the whirlwind week we had had we felt the most peaceful feeling and the most pure love for each other. We both just cried (we cry like babies... don't tell AJ I told you that haha) and held each other as we gazed at the temple. I think the sweetest thing about that moment is that we both felt the exact same without even saying a word. Just thinking about it takes my breath away, it is a moment I will never forget.
3. I know I already talked about this in my earlier post but I have to mention it again.. it was that good :). The Rascal Flatts concert in September. OHHH MY! Words do not describe how much fun this concert was! So fun I cried when it was over... (I know its pathetic) don't laugh :). So to make a long story short AJ, his cute sisters Candy and Karlie, and I all tried to go to Rascal Flatts when we were engaged (October 2010). We went all the way to San Francisco to see them and they canceled the concert because they were sick... we were soooo sad! So to make up for it, my practically perfect husband took me to their concert. Good thing we only had to travel to Salt Lake for this one. I know that I wouldn't have enjoyed it half as much (I DEFINITELY wouldn't have cried) if I would have been with anyone else. There was something magical about holding AJ's hand while singing and listening to my favorite band of all time. I absolutely loved it!
4. My cousin Kelsey's wedding, I know this kind of sounds like a random moment with all the other weddings we were able to attend this year, but the spirit was so strong for me in her sealing. The sealing was packed. There were not enough seats for everyone so naturally they sat all of the ladies first. I was lucky enough to have a seat on the end by the door and AJ came and stood by me and held my hand. The sealer did the most incredible job. He reminded us of all the wonderful things that we were told in our sealing and he said it in the most touching way. I know things can touch people differently and that deeply touched me. I felt the spirit so strong. I was reminded that I am the luckiest girl on the planet to have a husband who is my best friend who honors his priesthood and can stand there and hold my hand in the temple. I love that boy with all that I have.
5. Our first Christmas together!! There is definitely something magical about your first Christmas together and ours was in fact magical. AJ had to work until 4:00 that night but I was able to hang out with my wonderful family until he got home. Then we were able to go home and just be together. We read Luke 2 and watched the Christmas Carol with George C. Scott, then we moved our bed down and slept by the Christmas tree, it was pure joy!! Even though I am all grown and I know that Santa Clause isn't real I still have a hard time sleeping on Christmas Eve haha. I know it is ridiculous, I love Christmas!! AJ named me Whitney Mary Christmas Johnson this year. I think it is a very fitting name :). AJ gives the MOST sentimental gifts ever. They mean more to me than any amount of jewelry or clothing or anything!  I love them. He worked for hours and hours and hours on a video for me this year. He had absolutely no time to do it with the stress of a new job and finals. I can't believe all of the time he put into it! I am going to try and post it on here so you can all indulge in the wonderfulness! He is the most talented man I have ever, or will ever know. I love that our children will be able to watch these videos and know how we were in our first year of marriage! I know that they will love and cherish it almost as much as I do :). He also got me scriptures with my new name on them. I LOVE them!!! I have not gone a day without reading my scriptures since I was 12 so this gift was cherished beyond words. Those are just a couple of my favorite gifts from my favorite boy!! This Christmas was the BEST Christmas ever!! I know that I will never forget it.

Here are some pictures of our wonderful Christmas season!! 

Our Beautiful Christmas tree on Christmas eve!!

AJ and Owi (the buddies) at the Winkelman Christmas weekend! It was so so fun! We love those boys!

Right before we went to see the lights at Temple Square :)

Our cute Gingerbread house that we made, definitely tradition worthy!

Our stockings that AJ surprised me with!!! I love them so much. Also the beautiful ornament in the middle was from my sweet mom! It is our "First Christmas" ornament.

Cute Christmas plates!

I love you all! Happy New Year!!


  1. Happy happy anniversary cute couple! Enjoy Grand America and let's play soon please!

  2. Yay for 1 year!!! And what a year it's been! I can't believe how fast time flies. I am so happy that you two found each other and have already spent one amazing year together! What a blessing for AJ to find such a wonderful woman to spend forever with! You guys are such a great example and I love you both so much!!